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Phone: (866) 266-4622 (4MBA), (972) 745.4622 (4MBA)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2468, Coppell, TX 75019

Delivery: 450 S. Denton Tap, MS 2468, Coppell, TX 75019

USED 2004 model 75 x 74 Big Open Building FOR SALE with three classrooms (could be four)

What's in a name?

Modular Building Associates (MBA)

Our name says it all!

Our product is a ‘Modular Building’. 

‘Associates’ refers to all the other people that MBA manages to make your project a success. 

Let’s go to work!  


Contact MBA about providing construction planning for your next project. We assist with both new and used modular projects across the United States.


MBA can provide you with all the general contracting required for building occupancy from site development to utility connections.


MBA can take you from the initial planning phase through installation, occupancy, and removal of your modular building years later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Does MBA provide buildings in my area?

Contact MBA, but typically yes.  MBA provides buildings across the mainland United States of America.  We get requests almost every year to set sail into the Gulf of Mexico.  MBA can provide assistance in planning your project, but at this time we do not transport our buildings on ships.

New or Used?

It all goes back to pricing.  Everyone wants a new modular building, but they cost more than used buildings.  MBA offers new factory inventory which provides the lowest price per square foot for new modular buildings that can be found.  But they are still more expensive than used.

Does MBA provide residential buildings?

Modular Building Associates is a general contractor specializing in commercial modular buildings such as portable classrooms and office buildings.  MBA could build a residential building and is prepared to assist with a large development or apartment complex, but our primary focus is in the commercial market.

Stock Modular .com

With a frame or without?

MBA considers a building with a frame to be a modular building.  Structures without steel I-Beam frames underneath MBA refers to those buildings as skids.  Other parts of the USA (Washington State) refer to skids as true modular.    

What is a strip-footer foundation?

Look at your foundation plan.  Notice the joints between the modules.  Those are your matelines.  A strip-footer foundation runs perpendicular to the modules thus stabilizing the matelines.  See our YouTube video on typical projects for more information.

Why would you weld rebar?

Steel provides the strength in a concrete foundation.  Concrete would be brittle and break without steel rebar.  In our efforts to make installation faster, we tried welding our steel at the shop prior to installation.  It was faster, but we also discovered that the steel gains amazing strength if done using the right method.