Modular Building

Our name says it all.  Our product is a ‘Modular Building’ and ‘Associates’ refers to all the other people involved in the completion your project from factory engineers to material suppliers.  We offer pre-construction planning, new modular construction, new stock from factory inventory, and used buildings for sale.

Modular Building Associates (MBA) began operations in 2002 and we’ve installed thousands of square feet across the United States.  My career in the commercial modular building industry began in 1993.  Please allow me to offer you my personal experience, insight and discernment in dealing with these buildings.

MBA is a general contractor specializing in commercial modular buildings such as portable classrooms and medical office buildings.  All the work required to transport, dismantle and install these modular buildings is handled by approved subcontractors.  Jeff Austin functions as the project site superintendent.  All subcontractors are required to be insured and must list MBA as additional insured prior to beginning any work.

What would happen if you made a bad capital expenditure decision about using modular buildings?  Our Design Services will prove to be the best decision and investment you could make in your modular construction project.  Our Design Services are completely different from anything available from the retail modular marketplace.  MBA actually becomes part of your construction team and works exclusively on your behalf.

The first step toward any successful modular construction project begins with proper project planning and complete customer need evaluation.  This is exactly what Modular Building Associates specializes in.  MBA provides you with our modular design and planning expertise, while acting as your representative in the modular marketplace.  This ensures that you will be protected from inflated charges and inferior equipment (among other things) and that you will get the building that you want (and need) while paying the least possible price for that building.

Thank you for your interest.


Modular Building Associates is my company started in 2002. We specialize in commercial modular buildings both new and used. Used buildings are classrooms and office buildings for a school, a church, or business. New buildings can be custom or standard stock from factory inventory. Let's go to work!